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Sitka Deer - Feeding

 Sitka Deer - Pictures
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In summer Sitka Deer feed on the green leaves of shrubs, twigs, forbs, ferns, sedges, algae, fruit, and herbaceous vegetation. They are mostly browsers and grazers. This deer species doesn't have upper front teeth and gulps down the food without chewing, just mashes the food against the palates. Microorganisms in their stomach digest the food, which is adapted to its natural diet. Sitka Deer cannot eat anything that they are not used to eating. They can even die of starvation with a full stomach. After eating, this deer will lie down in the brush and regurgitate food chewing the "cud," like cows.

In the winter Sitka Deer feed on evergreen forbs, such as bunchberry and trailing bramble and the bark of trees. When snow is deep, deer eat blueberry, yellow cedar, hemlock, and arboreal lichens. Woody browse is not enough for this deer, and they deplete their energy reserves.

Sitka Deer - Threats

Sitka Black-tailed Deer population is dynamic and fluctuates with the severity of the winter. In mild winters deer numbers increase greatly. Predation regulates these situations. The main predators of Sitka Deer are the wolf and black and brown bears.

Also Sitka Deer suffer of numerous parasites and diseases (mostly lungworm), especially when their density is high. Sitka fawns are often orphaned in areas with active logging and the deer are run over by trucks. Nevertheless the reproductive potential of Sitka Deer is very high, and depressed populations recover rapidly.

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 Sitka Deer - Pictures
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 Sitka Deer - Pictures
Courtesy of
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Sitka Deer

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